1:00-2:00 - 4th-12th grade

 Charmian stewart

Charmian stewart

Students ages 9 and up are invited to learn to play classical and traditional music on the violin using the Suzuki method. Students will learn incrementally, in a step-by-step manner - developing proper violin technique along the way.  Students will also learn the basics of theory and rhythm as it applies to the violin. In this class, students will learn to play by ear - setting them up for a lifetime of musical fun in social settings. Learning the violin by ear allows students to concentrate on getting a beautiful sound and playing in tune. After a year of studying by ear, they will be ready to start learning to read music.

My goal is to reach each child through aural, visual and kinesthetic instruction. I do this by using singing and movement in addition to playing on the instrument. Your children will learn classical music (from the Suzuki repertoire), traditional music (Scottish, American, Swedish and Finnish folk tunes), cannons or rounds, holiday music and scales. 

In order to participate in this class, each student needs the Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1, Violin part with CD which costs $19.99. Each student will be fitted at the first class for the correct size violin. After that fitting, I will provide information on where to rent an instrument.  If you have an older instrument from a parent or family member, please check with me for the size, and I will advise you what to do.

I started studying the violin at the age of 4 with the Suzuki method. In 4th grade, I began learning piano. In addition to violin and piano, I also played the oboe in middle school band and sang in the high school chorus. After graduating from Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts, I attended Oberlin and then Cleveland Institute of Music - where I earned Bachelor and Master Degrees in Music. I am a certified Suzuki instructor with over 40 years of experience playing violin and teaching.  Charmian Stewart