Each day of Maker Camp & Homeschool classes begins with a gentle reminder to be ROATSy: Respect Others And Their Stuff. Respecting others includes a kind tone of voice, a polite request, and a grateful "thank you." We also respect others' projects, papers & snacks by not touching or marking on them. We respect our facility by cleaning up after classes & lunch breaks. We respect others even when they fail to respect us, and we apologize when we neglect to be respectful at times.


KidsBASIC™ at Chronos

KidsBASIC™ is a program designed to help school-aged children develop a rich understanding of themselves and the social world in which they navigate and to provide them with the tools needed to act with integrity.

By introducing a practice of self reflection, basic knowledge of the human brain and an understanding that all emotions stem from basic human needs, we can help build a strong foundation for our children’s academic intelligence, innate compassion for self and other, and their ability to be a self advocate.

Thursdays, throughout the year

Topics this Session:

Week 1 - Our Equipment - How the Human Brain Develops
Week 2 - Flooding - The Human Brain Under Stress
Week 3 - Under the Hood - Basic Human Feelings and Needs
Week 4 - Understanding and Practicing Empathy and Visiting Our Senses
Week 5 - The Volcano - Dissecting Anger
Week 6 - The Whole Picture - Sharing Stories
Week 7 - Final Project Presentations