As a homeschooler, I was empowered & interested to learn with a personal stake in my own education. I chose subjects I was curious about and explored at my own pace. I started college at a young age, choosing my own classes. Now I have three associates and a bachelors in Neurological Science from UCLA, and I still love learning as much as ever!  I've found that because it uses all the senses, no matter the learning style, Making is a great way to take charge of your own education. Keep your curiosity driving you, pick projects that excite you, and learn the knowledge & skills to complete them yourself. Making is my favorite way to integrate science, history, engineering, math, arts and technology together with collaborative learning groups!

I love teaching Chronos classes because the focus on history enables me to learn from the past. Scientists, mathematicians, artists & historical figures are our mentors as we build on the foundation they laid. Studying history shows us how the past ties to the present and ultimately informs us to intentionally create the future.