Event Details

GGLC staff come to your school to provide the materials, instructions & training for a family maker night.




Air & Space

periscopes - This contraption uses two simple mirrors to completely change your perspective!
steamboats - Attach a copper coil and candle to make your boat “putt-putt” along.
blimps - Find neutral buoyancy and propel a helium blimp with directed wind power.

Gliders - Make a penny glider by repurposing a styrofoam meat tray!
rocket shooters - Manufacture a paper rocket & shoot it with compressed air.
rocket cars - Attach a balloon to an ordinary toy car to supercharge it.


Create the Future

American Revolution

hydraulic robot arms - 2 syringes, a tube and some water give this robot the ability to move!
gripper hands - Pick up small objects with a balloon and suction.
LED robot toys - Design your own robot with light-up eyes!
Vibrobots - Make a drawing robot with marker legs & doodle or duel.

Muskets - Shoot the enemy with ear plugs using a pvc pipe muskets & your own air.
Tops - Manufacture a wooden spinning top and compete with your friends like colonial children did.
Whirl-a-gigs - A simple button on a string creates a whirl while spinning.
Ozobots - Battle British Ozobots on a map of the 13 Original Colonies.


Golden California

Head lamps - Make a LED head lamp to help you see when you're mining for gold
Stamp Mill - Try out a model stamp mill they used during the Gold Rush
Earthquakes - Experiment with building structures and test them against California earthquakes
Vibrobots - Design a mining robot and set him lose on a map of the Old West



$500 - 2 hour event for 200 students
$800 - 3 hour event for 400 students
Apply for a school scholarship from Golden Gate Learning Foundation