An Intriguing Story

Every skill and every fact is a story of curiosity, necessity, discovery. When we say we’re more geared for humanities than the sciences or mathematics, we’re missing out on the human stories behind those essential subjects. When we prefer their skills and facts to the stories that produced them, we’re missing out on the connective tissue of our societies, narrative. In fact, both narrative and skill are necessary for our education to impart knowledge, understanding and wisdom. We believe this so deeply we've written an entire curriculum around it.


The Best Questions

New knowledge is uncomfortable. It challenges assumptions and stretches the mind. In the midst of the growing pains of new neural pathways, questions form. Often naive and characteristically uninformed, these fresh questions are rich with imagination and fertile possibilities. We encourage our students to recognize and value their own questions and the questions of others because curiosity is a trait that we must cultivate, because if it doesn't thrive, it dies.


Keep Their Hands on Topic

Making is Learning! Golden Gate Learning Center is committed to a hands-on approach to learning, whether it's using blocks to model the concept behind a homework assignment, challenging Make Time students to deconstruct a toy and solder, saw and hammer it into something new, or writing their own questions for the SAT. We all learn best by doing it ourselves.


The Whole Student

Learners are People! GGLC is committed to helping each student holistically, whether it's collaborating with the student & her parents and teachers to design an independent study program to fit her unique interests & learning style or mentoring a student to begin living by the values they want to carry into adulthood. Everyone thrives when mentors invest in them personally.