Kati Dombrosky
Art Appreciation Teacher
Chronos Explorers - Museums, Theater
Maker Camp Art Exploration Director

I love the relationships I've gained with the kids and their families and I appreciate so much the people with whom I work. We are constantly learning together and challenging one another. I've personally been able to take the integrative learning we do here and bring it home to my family; the 'learning' in life no longer seems compartmentalized to "school" for my girls. This work has been an incredible blessing - I can't imagine not loving what I do. I'm immersed in Art and History with children and my colleagues!

I loved camp as a girl. I remember learning being different and more fun than from the normal school year, but mostly I remember making new friends. I’m inspired by my campers:  I get to watch them connect with the time and place we’re studying, and with one another. I’m so excited to learn from them myself!