2:30-3:40 - 3rd-8th grade

Students are invited to choose a wind instrument, either flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, or trombone.  (Please contact Celeste if you are interested in an instrument not listed.)  As an ensemble, new musicians will learn the correct embouchure (shape of the mouth) and technique for their instrument. Then we'll drill music theory and how to read music through group activities & games!

Each band member needs an instrument, Standards of Excellence, Book 1 for your instrument  ($10), and a foldable music stand ($12). Students may rent an instrument and purchase the book & stand at Magic Flute in San Rafael.  Reed instruments will need to purchase 2 to 3 reeds to start and more as needed.  If you have an older instrument from a parent or family member, please get a quick “checkup” from a professional at The Magic Flute or similar.  This will ensure the best experience for you!