Our passion. Our dream.

"What's your relationship with math?" I asked my new student. "I'm an artist, so the technical parts don't excite me."

I showed him a beautiful way to visualize algebra with a grapefruit and a piece of graph paper. His eyes lit up with curiousity and, after homework, we spent a little time each session exploring the beauty and wonder of numbers.

A mere three weeks later, his mom emailed me, "Here's an email from his geometry teacher. Your work with him is paying off!" After failing nearly every test that year, he earned a 99%! Every student needs a little fascination to keep it interesting.

This is our passion. Our dream has been to create a space where students can feel free to discover new fascinations. This dream came true last May when we opened Golden Gate Tutoring Center in downtown San Anselmo just behind Marin Coffee Roasters! Swing by and see us! hardhatarea.jpg