Even snakes need tutoring...

Last year there was a high school student whom Daniel tutored weekly, and when after an hour session, the student exclaimed, “OMG!” And there it was, a snake named Charlie coiled in the rings of his binder!

IMG_4641 (1)It turns out that the student had been in Science that day playing with Charlie the snake. While he wasn’t looking, it had stowed away in the backpack and hid in the binder. When he couldn’t find the snake in his backpack (because it was hiding in the binder), he and the teacher gave up looking for it. It was nowhere to be found in the classroom. Notice was out to the school, snake on the loose!

That night Daniel and Celeste offered to take the snake home and then deliver back to the high school in the morning. (Since then, they and their children have adopted their own snake; apparently he's growing exponentially (as should any snake living in this mathematic home.)

And the legend lives on at Drake... Seems the snake really needed some Math tutoring and, of course, came to Golden Gate Learning Center.