Chess Club - the game of capturing and learning

Chess Club - the game of capturing and learning

Finally after a year of finding the right time and the right leader, Chess Club kicked off yesterday with Chris Major at the helm.  And what a kick-off! The kids hung on his every word and watched his every move. He coached them in the simple pawn game as he slowly introduced the players (pieces). In this game we "capture", we don't "destroy" or "kill". We don't actually ever capture the King, we check-mate him.

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Homeschool Classes for Spring Session I (2/22-4/8)


Every morning we start with a life lesson about ROATS (Respect Others And Their Stuff) which flavors much of our guidance during the day.We are so proud to see students watching their attitudes with their tutors & peers!Here’s what we’re covering this session.

On Tuesdays…

Make History

This session we are traveling the Silk Road: making maps, ancient passports, textiles, paper and we’ll practice with some trading and bartering as if on the silk trading route.

Drawing Out Arithmetic

We’re continuing working through Euclid’s Geometric Proofs. We spent the last session exploring the properties of isosceles triangles, if the base angles are congruent their opposite legs are as well, and visa versa, two congruent legs have congruent opposite angles. Euclid's Elements - Book I: Propositions 5-6

This session we're exploring why some triangles can't be congruent and why others must be. Also, we'll be bisecting everything in sight. Euclid's Elements - Book I: Propositions 7-14

Writing Club

This spring we’ll be continuing sentence diagramming, identifying parts of speech and parts of the sentence, phonics skills & handwriting. We are hearing about ancient civilizations of the Americas, taking notes and summarizing what we learn.K-2nd graders are making their own books, one page for each letter of the alphabet!

On Wednesdays…

Art Appreciation

This session we will "travel" to the museum of the bay area: deYoung, the Legion of Honor, the Asian Art Museum, the SFMOMA and the Cartoon Art Museum. Through these museums, we'll study European artists, Pacific Island cultures, Asian art and the history of cartoon art.

Math Club

In Math Club, we are exploring Geometry.We’ll work though the traits of triangles, circles, quadrilateral and even the 5 Platonic solids!We’ll use our new geometry knowledge to drill & reinforce the arithmetic skills as well!

Make Science

As we study great scientists, we recreate their experiments. We are exploring the experiments that brought magnets from a simple curiosity to a central role in the development of modern society. From the Chinese magicians, who discovered magnetic compasses a millennium ago, through Medieval and renaissance natural philosophers Pierre de Maricourt and William Gilbert and into the final steps of developing a mathematical model linking electricity and magnetism during the 1800s. We will carefully study the lucid texts and experiments of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell. Without their discoveries, the modern world would not be possible.