A week in Sumeria or Egypt, like a week at GGLC

This week was all about Enheduanna. Who or what is that? Hopefully the kids will reply… Enheduanna, zirru-priestess, wife of the god Nanna, daughter of Sargon, king of the world, in the temple of the goddess Innana!

She wrote some of the oldest poetry ever recorded. Dated back to 2285-2250 BC when Enheduanna the Sumerian High Priestess wrote Inanna, Lady of the Largest Heart she gave depth and soul to the goddess character – equally as passionate and violent as any male counterpart from antiquity.

This week In Art, the kids designed their own tomb walls with what they’d bring to the after life and in Chronos they created moon discs, like Enheduanna’s. (see picture)

Between last week and this week, we’ve covered cuneiform, the poems to Inanna, Narmer’s palette and Narmer’s crown – the Egyptian crown symbolizing Narmer’s unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Check out Simon and Mars explaining how they vacuum form the crowns of Egypt in Make History. (see video)

Happy Birthday to Jude! Thanks to you and your mom for making those awesome Egyptian cookies!

Lastly, this Friday we had our first field trip. Thanks to Mar-Chet Jewelers on San Anselmo Avenue, the kids were able to see in-heated-action the alloys they’d studied throughout the week.