3 New Summer Camps

We are excited to offer three incredible opportunities for the students in your house to grow this summer. Aimed at three different age groups, these week-long intensives provide time & space for students to learn in their own style.

What do the great artists of the Renaissance, women homesteaders of the Western frontier, and Pixar studios 3-D engineers have in common? They all used geometry to make their masterpieces. We are excited to offer our Geometry Art Camp dedicated to bringing out the artist in your child, through geometry! During the artistic process, they discover mathematical principles.
There is something uncomfortable and personal that every adolescent experiences, and it's not what you're thinking. It's how they're thinkingSometime between middle and high-school, teachers begin expecting students not only to memorize facts but also to think analytically about them. Think Camp gives students the opportunity to make that cognitive switch by exploring a topic of their own choosing!

Summer lends time to focus on college plans, and the SAT is one of the first steps.  Take advantage of our summer College Prep & SAT Intensive to jump start your college application process!

For more information, see our camps page!

Daniel & Celeste Ezell