Keep an eye OUT for us!

Let me tell you about my wife and colleague Celeste. She always sends the emails, but I thought I'd take an opportunity to tell you how awesome she is. In school, Celeste always competed with the top math students and took special pleasure in getting better test scores than all the boys. She channels this mildly neurotic competitive spirit into her students, giving them the drive they need to do their best (secretly hoping they beat my students!). She's passionate about her subjects, and even more about her students. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside her. She makes everyone around her better by association.

eye outCeleste is our "Do something great!" advocate. She's always coming up with great ways to get involved in our community. So, in the spirit of Halloween, we're hosting a stop in the Goblin Parade. Keep an eye OUT for us! We'll have games, prizes, tricks & treats in the alley outside the center. Hope you can stop by and bring friends for us to meet!

perplexed studentBe sure to come by sometime and say hello to our perplexed SAT student. (Celeste's idea too!) He's always studying!

See you at the center...this Halloween!

Daniel Ezell