Daniel Ezell
Co-Owner, GGLC
Chronos Cohorts Director
Math, Science, Writing TutorCollege Prep
Maker Camp Director

Everybody should be young enough to take something apart and shoot it across the room with a handmade trebuchet. I, for one, revel in the opportunity to provoke creativity in young people today, helping more kids Make stuff. My dream to create a community Maker Space, where families, students & DIYers of all ages can create, build & innovate, comes a little closer with every week of Maker Camp. It's the perfect step in the right direction!

I have a bachelors in English, a masters in Intercultural Studies, and spend my free time researching anything and everything that piques my curiosity. I get the greatest pleasure from instilling that inquisitiveness in my students, leading them from passive study to active pursuit of understanding. Whenever I can, I follow the student's lead, knowing that they will exert more effort when answering their own questions.