Daniel Ezell
Free 30 minute consultation
$80 per hour
$1000 - 12 hours individual counseling, essay-writing & test prep 

Our college counselor Daniel Ezell values the whole student, guiding them to a professors who will mentor them to academic fulfillment and a career.

Daniel begins by introducing the university 'Common Data Set' to identify and compare each school's unique offerings. Second, Daniel helps identify the professors at each university who are the most challenging yet most inspiring, receiving the highest student ratings in their field. Those are the people to spend four years learning under. Third, guiding the student through a DIY essay approach, Daniel helps determine what to include from the start. Lastly, Daniel uniquely and successfully prepares his students for the college entrance exam.

Daniel Ezell explains, "A university only provides a student with a few unique opportunities. Almost everything you can learn in the college setting is available anywhere excepting valuable personal connections with professors and alumni. Mentorship from professors (in my opinion, the professor's most important job!) creates an academic and career path. Time with these competent, informed adults is a wonderful entrée into adulthood."