Every skill and every fact is a story of curiosity, necessity, discovery. History is full of more than the movement of people and the decisions of kings. Literature can spring from philosophies which in turn may rise from scientific discovery, itself a likely product of mathematical innovation. Languages reflect the geographical borders people inhabit and describe, perhaps even prescribe, the art of that population. When we say we’re more geared for humanities than the sciences or mathematics, we’re missing out on the human stories behind those essential subjects. When we prefer their skills and facts to the stories that produced them, we’re missing out on the connective tissue of our societies, narrative. In fact, both narrative and skill are necessary for us to employ our education with knowledge, understanding and wisdom.


Chronos Cohorts for Homeschoolers
Thursdays, 9:00-3:30

Dialecticians & Rhetoricians
5th-12th graders
8-12 member cohorts

9:00 Chronos Circle
9:15 math & logic
10:00 science experiment
11:00 literature
12:00 break
12:30 history & geography
1:30 Greek, Latin & English
2:30 philosophy & the arts

Pre-K-5th graders
6-8 member cohorts

9:00 Chronos Circle
9:15 memory work
10:00 presentations
10:30 science experiment
11:00 art appreciation
11:30 review
12:00 break
1:00-3:00 Writing/Math Club (3rd-5th graders)
Enrichment (PreK-2nd graders)