9:00-10:15 - 1st-2nd grade
10:25-11:35 - 3rd-4th grade
12:35-1:45 - 5th-8th grade

Through this cultural immersion of art, history and music your children will learn the importance of their own history relating to great artists and their impacts, then relate to these artists by experiencing their genres, subjects and mediums themselves. Kati Dombrosky, will begin the conversation with a specific piece of art, help students understand the artist’s time and place in history, then discuss how we relate to this in our own world. The second half of the class will be hands-on. Kati will demonstrate a technique or medium the artist used; each child will have the choice to mimic the artist’s themes or mediums or both. Kati will coordinate with parents to arrange field trips to local museums to see the artists' work in person.